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All-Round Road Bikes

All-Round road bikes are the versatile workhorses of the cycling world, designed to excel across a variety of terrains and conditions. Perfect for cyclists who seek a balance between speed, efficiency, and comfort, these bikes blend the lightweight construction of traditional road bikes with elements of endurance and aero designs. Their geometry strikes a perfect balance, offering a comfortable riding position that doesn't compromise on performance.


Equipped with moderately aerodynamic features and capable of accommodating a range of tyre sizes, All-Round road bikes are adaptable to both fast-paced races and long-distance rides. The choice of materials, from advanced carbon composites to durable alloys, ensures both responsiveness and durability. Whether navigating the punchy climbs, swift descents, or the flatlands, these bikes provide a consistently smooth and reliable ride. For cyclists who demand a bike that can keep up with their adventurous spirit and diverse cycling endeavors, All-Round road bikes stand as the ideal choice.


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RC Red eTap AXS $20.1k


Pro Force eTap AXS $12.7k

Pro Ultegra Di2 $12.7k


Comp Rival eTap AXS $9k

Comp 105 Di2 $9k

RC Dura-Ace Di2 $20.1k

Cervelo Logo_e_2022_red.png

105 $4.7k

105 Di2 $7.0k

Ultegra Di2 $9.7k

Rival eTap $7.0k

Force eTap $10.0k


105 Di $6.3k

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