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Ride with passion and purpose. Kalkhoff eBikes: Tinkered to perfection, driven by the thrill of exploration. Every screw counts for a unique riding experience.



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Sydney to Melbourne: The big cities of our world are changing, and the bicycle is playing a major role in this process. The time for new mobility concepts has arrived. More and more people want to live a more active lifestyle, protect the environment and travel more efficiently. And when you see our e-trekking bikes, you'll want to be an active participant of the mobility transition too. These bikes give you so many reasons to get out into nature, breeze you past the rush hour traffic, find your own routes and get you wherever you're going safely.

They are up to any challenge and will be your go-to bike for a wide range of uses - before you know it, you'll be leaving the car at home in almost every situation. 

Your daily commute. A weekend trip. On the road. Off-road. Simply everywhere. One bike can do it all: astonishing versatility, but also top-class features, accessories and breathtaking comfort.

Embark on the mobility transition with Kalkhoff Endeavour all road eBike. Versatile, eco-friendly, and ready for any adventure - from city streets to serene beaches.
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