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Time Trial (TT) & Triathlon Bikes

Time Trial and Triathlon bikes are engineered for the ultimate in speed and aerodynamics, catering to cyclists and triathletes who are determined to shave seconds off their times in solo efforts against the clock.


These bikes feature a distinct, forward-leaning geometry that maximises aerodynamic efficiency and reduces wind resistance, essential for time trials and triathlon segments. With components and frame designs that emphasize streamlined shapes, including deep-section wheels, integrated handlebars, and seat posts, these bikes are built to cut through the air with minimal drag. The positioning on a Time Trial or Triathlon bike is more aggressive compared to traditional road bikes, positioning the rider in an optimal stance for power output and aerodynamics.


High-tech materials and precision engineering contribute to their lightweight yet stiff frames, ensuring every pedal stroke translates into forward motion. For athletes focused on achieving their fastest times in competitions where every second counts, Time Trial and Triathlon bikes offer the specialised performance needed to reach the podium.


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Dura-Ace Di2 $17.5k

Force eTap $15.2k

Cervelo Logo_e_2022_red.png

Ultegra Di2 $12.4k

Cervelo Logo_e_2022_red.png

105 $5.1k

105 Di2 $6.9k

Ultegra Di2 $10.3k

Rival eTap $7.2k


Ultegra $6.5k

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