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Kalkhoff: Where innovation meets mobility. Uniting passion and precision in every pedal. Explore the world on two wheels with our emblem of excellence.



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You think you know your city? 

If you've never been around it on an Image 3, think again. Get on and discover a fantastic adventure through your city - every day. An e-bike you can trust to take you down the untravelled side streets to your city's undiscovered parks, hidden restaurants that only insiders know, and exquisitely planted courtyards where the noise of the streets falls silent.  

It's moments like these that tell you: the future of mobility is here, and it's on two wheels. And when feel like you want to go further, just keep going until the hum of the asphalt gives way to the crunch of the forest trails. You can count on the reliable equipment and powerful e-drive to ensure that you can maintain the effortless riding experience even far beyond the city limits.

Ready to change your whole perspective?

Rediscover your city with Kalkhoff's Image eBike. Venture down unexplored streets, discover hidden gems, and embrace the future of urban mobility on two wheels.
Innovative solutions driving sustainable, safe, and exciting mobility. Bosch: Leading IoT provider pioneering connected living, technology 'Invented for life.'


  • Bosch Performance Line smart system drive with 75 Nm, Active line + with 50 Nm, and Active Line with 40 Nm torque

  • Image 3 Battery: Bosch PowerTube battery with 625 Wh capacity

  • Image 1 Battery:Bosch PowerPack battery with 500 Wh capacity

  • Range up to 120 km*

  • Shimano MT200 hydraulic disk brakes

  • Safe and long-life LED lighting

  • Ergonomic touchpoints

  • Adjustable handlebar stem unit

  • One-key locking system for ring and battery lock

Find your right size

Blueprint of innovation: Explore the design excellence of Kalkhoff Image eBike frame, where form meets function for an unparalleled riding experience.

Wave frame:

Wave Frame Dimensions: Explore the sleek design and optimized proportions of Kalkhoff's wave frame for a stylish and comfortable riding experience.

Comfort frame:

Comfort Frame Dimensions: Unveil the ergonomic design and ideal proportions of Kalkhoff's comfort frame, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride experience.
Seize the ride, test the thrill. Experience the joy of Kalkhoff eBike firsthand as you take control and embark on a journey of exploration and delight.

Allow yourself to fall in love with a Kalkhoff e-bike

Come for a test ride of all the Kalkhoff portfolio. 

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