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Elegance in motion: the white Focus Izalco Max, a road bike at its finest, poised atop a paved expanse. Beauty meets performance on every ride.


Izalco Max road bike: Uncompromising speed, aerodynamics, stiffness—a perfect composition for those who don't compromise on pace.


What embodies a road bike? Speed! And is that what the IZALCO MAX represents? Absolutely! Achieving top speed on an IZALCO MAX is Focus' goal. That's why everything about the IZALCO MAX is designed for speed – relentlessly fast.


In the pursuit of marginal gains, Focus has crafted our fastest road bike yet. It blends aerodynamics, stiffness, and weight perfectly for riders who refuse to compromise on speed. With the IZALCO MAX, there's no such thing as a leisurely ride. It's the epitome of pace.

Sleek sophistication on the road: the black Focus Izalco Max road bike, poised on smooth pavement, framed by lush grass. Elevate your ride with timeless style.

Izalco Max Models & Specs

Specifications and model comparison


The IZALCO MAX is available in seven sizes. In combination with the stem, which is offered in six lengths from 70 to 120 mm, it really does have all the sizes for each and every one of you.

You can effortlessly switch to a shorter or longer version of the stem to dial in your fit – as well as adding and removing stem spacers without having to open any break lines. All this enhances the customisability of the IZALCO MAX and how you can tailor it to your exact needs.

Tailor your ride with Izalco Max: 7 frame sizes, 6 stem lengths (70-120mm), customizable fit. Effortless adjustments for your perfect cycling experience.
Dive into the art of precision with Focus Izalco Max: Decode the frame geometry and size guide, crafting a ride uniquely yours.

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