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About Us

Taking your cycling experience to new heights

Heights Cycling, the premier spot for road & triathlon cycling in Sydney's Northern Beaches, is more than just a bike shop – it's a destination. We're passionate riders like you, committed to delivering an unparalleled cycling experience. From renowned performance bicycles to top-quality accessories and high-performance apparel, we offer everything you need to elevate your ride. Our dream is to offer something truly unique, backed by exclusive brands and unwavering dedication to excellence.


Join us as we embark on this journey together.

Road cycling group enjoying a scenic ride together, promoting fitness, camaraderie, and outdoor adventure.

Our Story

We are riders forged at the highest mountains of South America where the air is thin, oxygen is scarce and the hills are steep. Every cup of coffee reminds us that we belonged to the mountains, embracing with joy the challenges that every climb presents. We come from the land of the greatest cycling champions who have found inspiration and strength in the most beautiful landscapes.

Sharing a ride and improving in our capabilities while having a great time with your mates is what cycling is all about. The constant pursuit of finding new adventures shouldn't be limited to what is known and comfortable: the greatest memories are built from the unknown and for reaching goals beyond the unimaginable.

So why not explore new experiences? This is an invitation to try something new, to ride from the comfort of your own saddle the roads and climbs that gave birth to many champions, to allow you to push yourself to new heights. We want to offer you unique access to a new portfolio of products, services and experiences. 


Allow us to get closer with you.

Come for a cup of coffee,

tune your bike,

stand out from the crowd with our brands,

and don't wait for the next lockdown to regret not going for that bloody cycling tour.

Welcome to Heights Cycling.

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