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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions. We have answers.


  • How does the "delivery" service works if I want to schedule a service or maintenance for my bike
    It's a very simple process!. You just have to schedule online and select the service you require from the online agenda. Depending on the service you require and the availability, the system will show the available dates for you to choose from. Once you have scheduled your service, we will contact you (email or phone call) to arrange details on the pick-up and drop-off of your bike. Ideally, the pick up will be from 6am to 9am on the day of the scheduled service and the drop off will be informed via email or phone call depending on the service you require. If you require a different logistic arrangement, this could be discussed and agreed prior your service. The delivery service is only available for Sydney North, Northern Beaches, Hornsby, Ryde, Mosman and all the north part of Sydney at an additional cost of AUD$10 that will be added to the service cost for the pick-up and drop-off of your bike. If you are in a different suburb you can contact us and arrange the delivery at an additional cost.
  • What is included on the costs of the services published on the website?
    The published costs include the labour and supplies to perform the service. All the spare parts and supplies used when replacing the spare parts that require replacement are not included. Please note that we will only replace parts with your approval for which we will contact you for authorization.
  • How often do you recommend to do a maintenance?
    It depends on how many Km you ride per week and the weather conditions (dry, wet, dust) in which you ride your bike. For example, for someone who rides from 100km to 150km per week (regardless if the distance is covered on the road or indoor trainer), we strongly recommend to have at least a Gold service every 200km, a Pro Service every 1.000km a a Legends package every 2.000Km if you have been riding in wet environments/seasons or 3.000km if you have been riding in dry conditions. You should clean your bike every time you ride! If you don't ride as often as the previous scenario, we highly recommend to perform at least 2 Pro Services and 2 Legend's package services in a year. Please note that even if you are not riding your bike, some components can rust, oils and greases degrade in time and dust makes everything more hard and slow to move in your bike's components. It's crucial to have your bike in the best conditions to have a pleasant and safe ride. A proper maintenance avoids unexpected surprises on the road that could be dangerous for you and that most likely will end with higher costs of repairs.
  • What is the minimum party size for a cycling tour?
    The published prices applies for a minimum of 4 people. However, we can do a different quote if you have a different need, just let us know your needs and we'll work on something
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    All tours require a full payment of 2 months prior the start date. Cancellations made before 2 months of the starting date have no penalty fee. Cancellations made between 1 month and 2 months prior the start date have a 50% penalty fee. Cancellations made between 1 month prior the start date have a 100% penalty fee. Re-scheduling is possible up to 2 months prior the tour start date without any penalty only on tours that have a re-scheduling option.
  • What is included on the tours?
    Please refer to each tour description for details.
  • Is it possible for non-riders to participate on the tour?
    We strongly recommend the tour is booked only for riders. However, it is possible to include a non-rider in the tour. Please contact us if you need assistance
  • How long it takes for my shipment to be delivered?
    Most orders of our products available in our local inventory ship with Mail Plus or due to location AusPost. Orders placed by 2pm Monday to Friday are packed and dispatched on the same day. Orders placed on a non-business day are packed the next business day. Please see the shipping info below for common delivery time frames: Our MailPlus Express delivery statistics. We’re stoked about these numbers, all thanks to dedicated teams and airfreight network. 96% delivered in 1-2 days, 84.3% overnight. 2.8% delivered in three or more days. 1.2% of delays are COVID related or other. *Delivery data may vary week to week. Please note that some products might be shipped from overseas sources, and this might affect the delivery dates. Please check on each product details for more information on the estimated delivery time.
  • Do you have a crash replacement policy?
    Oh... Yes!. We understand that you have suffered enough crashing and feeling terrible for ripping your new uniform; we don't want to make you suffer more than that. Anything bought at full price with no more than 3 months of date of purchase can be replaced for the exact same reference (or similar if collection is no longer available) by bringing the damaged garment and paying only 50% of the full price. Please note this does not apply to clearance or sale products.
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