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Elegance in Motion: The iconic Cervelo logo, symbolizing precision, speed, and a legacy of engineering excellence in cycling.

Explore our Cervelo lineup in-store. Check out different colors, sizes, and options. Visit us for all the details on your next ride!

Speed Unleashed: Cervelo S5 Road Bike, proven under champions like Wout van Aert. Reduced drag, iconic design, and groundbreaking wheel concept for ultimate performance.

Aero - From AUD$12.500

Elevate Your Ascent: Cervelo R5 Road Bike, designed to conquer summits with unmatched handling and prowess on descents. The epitome of climbing excellence.

Endurance - From AUD$12.500

Endurance - From AUD$3.760

Versatile Adventure: Cervelo Caledonia-5, crafted for epic rides on smooth tarmac, backroads, and trails. Ready for any terrain, rain or shine.

Endurance - From AUD$8.300

Race Heritage, Modern Power: Cervelo Soloist, the iconic name reborn for the new generation. Perfect blend of weight, aerodynamics, and versatility.

All-Round - From AUD$4.700

Gravel - From AUD$2.999

Aspero-5: Where Speed Meets Style. No cables in the wind, aerodynamic tube shapes, and sleek design make it the epitome of speed and performance.

Gravel - From AUD$10.300

TT & Triathlon - From AUD$5.100

Aero Innovation Unleashed: Cervelo P5 Time Trial Bike, pushing UCI boundaries with precision engineering and real-world testing for unparalleled speed.

TT & Triathlon - From AUD$12.500

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