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Engineered with aerodynamics at the forefront, designed to slice through the air, minimising drag and maximising airflow.


Their geometry is tailored for performance, with a more aggressive riding stance that enhances aerodynamics and optimises power transfer. Equipped with deep-section carbon fibre wheels, these bikes not only cut through air resistance but also maintain stability at exhilarating speeds. 


Although these bikes have  a heavier build and aggressive positioning, aero road bikes remain unrivalled for competition.


From AUD$22.099

Oltre Pro

From AUD$13.249

Oltre Comp

From AUD$12.500

From AUD$8.949


From AUD$8.190

Izalco Max 9 series

From AUD$8.999

Izalco Max 8 series

From AUD$3.999

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