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Meet the Cervelo Aspero: Speed, precision, and endless possibilities. A gravel bike engineered for those who dare to push boundaries.


Experience unbridled speed and limitless potential with the Cervelo Aspero. A gravel bike that redefines boundaries, designed for the most ambitious riders.


Cervélo engineered Áspero for pure, unapologetic speed, ready to take down finish lines, KOMs, PRs, and FKTs. A bike built without limits, for the riders looking to test them. It’s stiff—Classics-racing stiff—and performs like you’d want a road bike to perform off-road. We reckon that makes sense, and it’s what we were trying to do when we were stuffing bigger tyres into our existing frames and swapping in aftermarket forks to get a 40mm tyre up front. 

Precision handling in action. Cervelo Aspero gravel bike 'Trail Mixer' adapts to tire changes, ensuring a seamless riding experience at high velocities.


Trail—front-wheel response to rider input—is the most critical factor in high-velocity handling. Flipping the two-position "Trail Mixer" to compensate for the difference in circumference between a 650b and 700c tyre maintains consistent handling by maintaining consistent trail figures.

Áspero Models & Specs

Specifications and model comparison

Unlock the perfect fit for your adventure. Explore the Cervelo Áspero gravel bike frame size guide and ride in comfort and style.


How do I determine what bike size I need?

The age-old question, isn’t it? There are many factors that go into bicycle sizing and fit, particularly for high-performance bikes.


Without being able to measure you and see you on a bike, precise fit information is difficult to supply. It’s also not unusual for someone to be able to ride two different sizes depending on their goals, flexibility, and fit tolerance.

This is a helpful guide, but we encourage you to come to our shop and we'll be happy to assist you.

Finding the ideal frame size for your Cervelo Aspero gravel bike just got easier. Consult our comprehensive guide for a personalised riding experience.
Jumbo-Visma's triumphant moment at the Tour de France! A rider celebrates victory on his Cervelo S5 road bike, a testament to speed and teamwork.


Drop by our shop, indulge in a freshly brewed coffee, and embark on a thrilling test ride on our premium gravel bikes.

Visit us today and elevate your cycling adventure to new heights.

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