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Introducing the Áspero-5: Faster, lighter, and sleeker than ever. Experience the pinnacle of gravel race bikes in style.


Cervelo Aspero-5: Blending speed and style seamlessly. Unleash your gravel adventures with a bike that's as fast as it looks.


Cervélo's engineers like to joke that, "if it looks fast, it probably is." But there’s some truth to that, and Áspero-5 looks fast standing still. No cables in the wind, tube shapes from our aerodynamically-proven library, and a hint of a cut out in the seat tube, all add up to a bike that proves the adage.

Cervelo Aspero-5: Where every gram counts. Unleash the power of aerodynamics on gravel. Conquer headwinds with ease.


Some might say aero doesn’t matter on a gravel bike, but if you’ve battled strong winds across the Snowy Valley area, the thirty-two grams of drag you’ll save with the Áspero-5 come as a welcome respite. Most gravel racing is done without the benefit of a World Tour peloton—or World Tour tactics—and when it’s your nose in the wind all day, it’s nice to know your bike’s shouldering a bit of the load.

Áspero-5 Models & Specs

Specifications and model comparison

Experience the revolution in bike wheel design with Cervelo's Turbulent Aero: science meets speed for the ultimate ride.


Reserve was founded in 2014 by a group of engineers motivated to make the most durable, highest-strength-to-weight carbon bicycle wheels on the market. And ever since, they've been focused on making innovative products that allow riders to go further, faster, and higher, for longer.

Bike sizing, a puzzle of precision and preference. Get expert guidance at our shop for your perfect fit.


How do I determine what bike size I need?

The age-old question, isn’t it? There are many factors that go into bicycle sizing and fit, particularly for high-performance bikes.


Without being able to measure you and see you on a bike, precise fit information is difficult to supply. It’s also not unusual for someone to be able to ride two different sizes depending on their goals, flexibility, and fit tolerance.

This is a helpful guide, but we encourage you to come to our shop and we'll be happy to assist you.

Cracking the code of gravel bike fit – a complex blend of science and personal preference. Visit us for tailored guidance and the ideal ride.
Jubilant victory for Jumbo-Visma as their cyclist celebrates at the finish line on a Cervelo S5, a road bike that champions speed and success.


Drop by our shop, indulge in a freshly brewed coffee, and embark on a thrilling test ride with our premium gravel bikes.

Visit us today and elevate your cycling adventure to new heights.

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