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Kalkhoff: Driven by passion, creating eBikes for every adventure. Tinkering until perfection, every screw counts for a unique riding experience.



Detailed specs sheet


Keep going - even when you've long since left the asphalt behind you. feel the wind on your face without having to fight against it. Conquer summits with a smile and fly down the other side. Whether you're touring the mount Kosciuszco, following a riverside trail along the Murray river or enjoying a city trip in Melbourne, the Entice models offer you an entirely new degree of freedom on any surface.

Urban jungle o desert adventure: our sustainable SUV alternative is absolutely suitable for everyday use, but with its sporty off-road configuration it can also deliver top-class off-road performance. For all those who like to get off the beaten track and need powerful support for ambitious touring. Dynamic, adventurous and safe. E-bikes for the adventurer inside you. Yet so fun to ride, that you'll want to keep going even when you've reached your destination.

Escape the urban hustle. Man rides Kalkhoff Entice eBike through a field, cityscape in the backdrop. Embrace nature with style and urban retreat.
Powerful and efficient Bosch eBike batteries. Lightweight, ergonomic, safe and durable.


  • Bosch Performance Smart system drive with 75 Nm, Performance CX Smart system drive with 85 Nm

  • Bosch PowerTube battery with 500, 545, 625 and 750 Wh capacity

  • Range up to 150 km*

  • Shimano / Tektro hydraulic disk brakes

  • Safe and long-life LED lighting

  • Ergonomic touchpoints

  • Adjustable handlebar stem unit

  • One-key locking system for ring and battery lock

Find your right size

Blueprint for perfect fit: Ebike frame dimensions guide. Focus on key areas for the right size – ensuring comfort, performance, and an ideal riding experience.
Experience love at first ride! Test drive a Kalkhoff eBike at Heights Cycling. Fall for the perfect match and embrace the joy of electric cycling.

Allow yourself to fall in love with a Kalkhoff e-bike

Come for a test ride of all the Kalkhoff portfolio. 

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