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Reviving the Legend: The Cervelo Soloist road bike, a modern classic designed for one high-performance ride. Balanced, versatile, and just right.


Peak performance in action: A rider on the Cervelo Soloist road bike, pushing limits and chasing excellence on the open road.


The Soloist. It’s a name from deep in Cervélo's history, but immediately familiar to anyone with bike racing memories extending back to the early-2000s. It was the weapon of choice for top World Tour contenders on CSC and the Cervélo Test Team, and it's been brought back for a new generation. The new Soloist is designed for the week-in, week-out rider and racer who can only justify one high-performance bike. It balances light weight and aerodynamic advantages to deliver a bike that really is 'just right'. Soloist comes in a hair lighter than S5, but significantly more aerodynamic than R5, and borrows the threaded bottom bracket standard you find on the R5-CX. It’s a race bike that can accommodate mechanical and electronic shifting, can hammer out the training miles in all weather, and yet still has the chops to leap off the front at that decisive moment. That’s the Soloist.

Capturing the road from behind: A man's journey on the Cervelo Soloist road bike, seen from the backseat of a car.


Soloist sits right between S5 and R5 on the performance scale, while having a price tag that’s less World Tour, more Road Trip. It’s about 250g heavier than R5, and 250g lighter than S5. It’s 190g slower than S5, but 126g faster than R5. You get the idea. It’s the ‘just-right’ answer for the rider trying to find a smart, intentional compromise.

Soloist Models & Specs

Specifications and model comparison

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Side view in full throttle: A cyclist on the Cervelo Soloist road bike, racing with determination and style on the open road.


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Finding Your Perfect Fit: Sizing Up Your Cervelo Road Bike. Our guide helps, but visit us for personalised assistance and the ideal fit.


How do I determine what bike size I need?

The age-old question, isn’t it? There are many factors that go into bicycle sizing and fit, particularly for high-performance bikes.


Without being able to measure you and see you on a bike, precise fit information is difficult to supply. It’s also not unusual for someone to be able to ride two different sizes depending on their goals, flexibility, and fit tolerance.

This is a helpful guide, but we encourage you to come to our shop and we'll be happy to assist you.

Unlock the Right Fit for Your Cervelo Road Bike. Discover the key to your ideal size with our guide, or visit our shop for tailored assistance.
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